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Disk Brakes/Frame for DJ5-M 83 Postal Jeep
Another Method

Keep existing axles

Check out these emails:
>I have a 82 postal jeep that I would like to change to disc brakes.
> Can you help me.... thanks......Terry.....

Two people with 82(thru 84's) have written saying that they changed brakes without changing axles.
Here is what one of them wrote:
"Thanks, I put disc brakes on my 1982 Jeep, I stole them off a 1976 AMC Matador. I had to space them out 1/2 inch for clearance purposes. They bolted right on! I also used a power booster and master cylinder from a 1985 Eagle sw. The only problem was I had to have the brake lines specially made. I found a brake booster on an AMC concord which will
work on the 1978 Jeep; now I am trying to find a master cylinder to fit it which will work on 4 wheel drum brakes."

I have no contact info for either person...hope this helps.

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> Fri, 11 Jan 2002 07:01:27 -0800
> From:
> To:

Thanks for the tip on the disk brake conversion. the bracket that holds the caliper is the part that makes it possible. The guy at the junkyard said that they came off a 78 amc something but he wasn't sure. I got the whole thing off him (rims,spindal,control arm,ball joint,ect)and once I stripped it down, the only thing I needed was that bracket (2 piece).The spindel was the same. The 1/2 inch spacing was so that the rotor doesn't rub on the tie rod end. The brake line fit into the new caliper(old ones were to rusty). Now I almost gave up before I started because the tie rod and caliper took up the same space. However the backside of the spindle (toward the rear) had all the room needed. In other words mount the right on the left so that the bracket and caliper are facing towards the rear of the jeep. Now when I got new calipers, I brought the old ones in, the caliper and pads matched up to a 85 eagle....go figure..... All in all buy the time I got all the parts and did one side, the other side took only 45 min to convert....WELLLLLLLLL WORTH IT
ph 616 667 1512

Disk Brakes/Frame for DJ5-M 83 Postal Jeep