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Wrongs and Unverified 'Meteorites' on the


Educational Links

The MidWest Meteorite MeteorWrong Collection . (EXCELLENT - lots of picts. Allow time to load)

Arizona Republic - Meteorite pieces more wrong than right - interesting and informative

Starbit's Test - Can you identify a meteorite from a wrong?.

Branch Meteorites - has another test in case you failed the prior one.

Washington U. Database of Wrongs Dept of Earth & Planetary Sciences provides 83+ photo gallery of wrongs - EXCELLENT++++

Fernlea Meteorites UK - Select "Option 1" to view a diverse selection of meteorites and meteor-wrongs.

Is That Unusual Rock A Meteorite? - No Picts - but accurate relationship of dramatic bolide (fireball) and subsequent 'discovered' wrong.

Putorana-Maybe the Best Meteorwrong - J. Tobin's article on Siberia's controversial mineral. (Under 'Columns' click on 'Jim's Fragments')

Shirokovsky wrong - Special Statement by Meteorical Society - June 2003

Elma Meteor-wrongs (Meteor-wrong fever in Elma Washington)

M come Meteorite Meteorites (see bottom of Matteo's page)

Austromet's Site has some nice wrongs.

the Global Collection - page1 and page2

Links to Other Sites About Meteorites by Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences is Excellent (Sect. on Meteor-wrongs) ! The Ruby Meteorite Humorous look at wrongs.

Geophysical Meteors A different type of meteorwrong! I don't agree with the authors' conclusion of geophysical meteors in most of the reports. The events lacking any reported meteoritic evidence are very curious. The news accounts alone are interesting.

MegaCryometeors The jury is still out on the origin of the these huge ice chunks that fall from the sky. This site is part Spanish, English, and Italian.

Un-Educational Links

Anyone can claim they have found or own a meteorite. It is another matter to offer proof. For whatever reason, the owners have not displayed proof of verification by the Meteoritical Society or a classifying institution.

"Is it a Meteorite?" the site asks. However, this young man appears to have already reached a conclusion! Meteorite KC902.

The creator of this web site claims 'proof' that meteorite showers start fires. Leave reality at home and journey to the Great Lakes Great Fires Meteorite

Some of these collections are classics:

The owner of this farm, has also written a book based on a story her mother told her about the day when a pink granite 'meteorite' landed here. more.

an address very similar to

EBAY seller "" has put some of his 'METEORITE' COLLECTION for sale on eBay (Don't say you weren't warned)! (LARGE collection - allow time to load)

THE most amazing/huge collection comes from a "unique" individual who has convinced himself that his entire collection of rocks are potential "meteorites." These were collected in the heart of meteorite country. Sadly, NOT ONE meteorite among the lot: DIAMONDMETEOR (At least five of these specimens are also displayed and identified on the Dept. of Earth & Planetary Sciences Wrongs Page.

(Next is best viewed in Netscape 6.0 or better) The Bikw bi Nsack Foundation Assign to METEORITES whose objective is the search and the thorough study for meteoritic fields in the Gulf of Guinea. Unfortunately there are no meteorites. But that has not stopped Dr. Bernard NJOM, who has substitued all manner of rocks to make a most extensive collection. I wonder how much the 'Foundation" is paying this guy? (and which doctorate did he buy?)

This European site has mostly wrongs for sale if not all. They also claim they are good for one's health. "Buy a fake and feel better?" Well, the seller feels better. Die Urkraft der Minerlein

"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing". You must see this site! This seller claims items pictured are "authentic meteorites."

ANOTHER space cadet is convinced God has given him a piece of Mars to present to the planet Earth. The problem: The "Conspiracy" is hindering his efforts and he needs your help at Frass "Meteorite"

Move Over Frass, this 'meteorite' has arrived in a splash of 'liquid light'. The finder says, "This may be the most amazing meteorite ever recovered in the history of humanity." The Messenger Stone has 'arrived.' Be sure you see all 10 pages!

THE Best Meteorwrong Award goes to The Emerald Meteorite

Anytime persons who claim to have "meteorites" and refuse to have them classified, TAKE NOTE: THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE!

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