Garage Door Opener F.A.Q.
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Garage Door Opener F.A.Q.

My Opener will not open the Door!!??

A Defective Garage Door?
Reasons for a electronic door opener not activating can include interrupted
power supply, antenna out of position, defective transmitter,
expired remote battery, defective pushbutton inside the garage, and electric
eyes on newer openers can be blocked and/or misaligned. First, make sure
that the opener is plugged in and receiving power. If the door opens only a
few inches and the closes, check for broken door spring. If door spring is
broken call a professional.

What You Can Do

To see if the transmitter or its battery are bad, check opener with the push button inside the garage. If it works, try replacing the transmitter's battery. If the transmitter still dosen't work, it's button may be defective or it may be out of sync with the receiver. Check your owners manual for help if it is off freq. If defective you may need to replace it. If you have a multifunction wall switch, make sure the security or vaction switch is not activated as this would prevent your transmitter from working. Conversely, if the transmitter works but the push button inside the garage doesn't, turn off the power and try electrical contact cleaner on the push button. If that doesn't fix it, turn off all the power and replace the switch. If your opener has electric eyes at the base of the track, check to see if these sensors are aligned (facing each other) and are not blocked by some object. There must be no obstruction between the sensors for the door to operate.

Helpful Hint:

For routine adjustments consult the owner's manual. If you don't have one, contact the manufacture and request a copy. The model number should be on the back or front of the power unit.

Special Advice

When a power failure traps your car inside the garage, you can use the emergency release located on the opener track. Usually this will be a cord hanging down between the motor and door. Pull it down and away from the door to release. Important: If you disengage the release during a power failure, be sure to unplug the opener, too. After the power is back on, pull on the release again to re-engage the opener. Make sure all drivers in your household know how to use the release mechanism.

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