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UPDATED 1/01/04

Meteorite Identification

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Identification Links

How to Identify a Meteorite Try the Magnetic and Tile Tests on your 'specimen'. (See bottom - The University of New Mexico will examine your "suspect meteorite" for free).

Similar Meteorite testing info for those thinking of auctioning their new found rock. Please have it professionally tested first.

Do you think you might have found a meteorite? - A little more info such as how to compute density. (Link at bottom for the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology to examine your find.)

FOUND A METEORITE? David Weir always gives excellent/realistic advice to those who think they have a meteorite. (Testing sites)

Have you found an Aussie Meteorite? Jeff Kuyken's checklist applies to meteorites found anywhere - excellent pictures.

METEORITES 101- Robert Beauford's site provides excellent background info.

Dolores H. Hill's page- Another site for excellent background info.

Ron Hartman list the steps to authenticate and name a meteorite. A METEORITE BY ANY OTHER NAME

Branch Meteorites has an educational site and lists testing sites (including a SUPER eBay Buyers Guide ).

Washington U. Database of Wrongs Dept of Earth & Planetary Sciences provides 30+ photo gallery of 'Why these rocks are not Meteorites!'

How to identify Meteorites Helpful - click on picts for larger image.

Star BitsTest . How did you do?

Find the Meteorite . Two pictures. Pick the meteorite/s among the wrongs.

FAQ - Excellent - very good explainations by List members.

Meteorite ID . Portland State University. Good Picts.

Classification Links

Classification List - Jeff Kuyken's list represents around 7000 Meteorites.

Meteorite Studies David Weir's METEORITES: A Systematic Classification Through Photographs - Excellent.

What is a Lunar Meteorite?Very Good

Sahara Meteorite Prospecting - Richard & Roland Pelisson's - really great photos and info

Meteorite Info Links

Meteorite Articles is Mark Bostick's compilation of original articles and other writer's out of print articles. Lots of good info....

Meteorite Ownership Law Lawyer Byron Groves' opinion on the state of Meteorite Ownership Law